How long have you been blogging/what made you start this blog? I've actually been blogging since I was in high school, back in Open Diary days. I then went on to LiveJournal, and a little over two years ago, I switched to this current blog. I got into a rut and started wearing pajamas almost every day, since I work from home. It made me depressed. I started this blog to motivate me to get dressed up daily, which boosts my mood and helps me concentrate/wake up. It became much more than that, and I am extremely grateful.

What kind of camera/lenses do you use? I have a Nikon D90. I switch between the 35mm 1.8f lens, 50mm 1.8f lens and the 18-55 kit lens (I rarely use this one, though).

Any recommendations for new fashion or style bloggers? First, join IFB and utilize their archives - there is a wealth of knowledge within that community. Next, concentrate on your content and aesthetics. Visuals are extremely important - if you attack a new reader with a neon, animated background, they probably won't stick around to read your posts, let alone come back. Photographs should be clear and your content should be your own. Stay true to yourself and it will show. Last but not least, network. Get to know your fellow bloggers - it's a close and helpful community. Join relevant communities (lookbook, weardrobe, lucky style spotter, chictopia, etc.) and utilize social networking platforms (twitter, facebook, etc.)

How many siblings do you have? Three biological (Nicole, Amanda and Tessa) and one step sister (Johnna). No brothers! I'm extremely close with my sisters, as well as the rest of my family. We're a tight knit group.
What is your ethnicity? I'm 1/4 Japanese (my dad's side). The rest is a mix of European and Native American descent.

What does your name mean and where did it come from? My name is pronounced cake-oh, not kee-ko, and it is Japanese. It means adored one. It is also my Oba's name!

What does Postlapsaria mean? Postlapsaria roughly means "after the fall" or "after the destruction." When I started Postlapsaria, it was all reconstructions. I bought old, discarded clothing from thrift stores and made them into something new. Since then, it has evolved - but the name stuck.

What does "courtesy of" mean? "Courtesy of" or "c/o" means it was given to me as a gift from a company.  I won't wear anything on my blog unless it is something I truly love. I am extremely forthcoming about what is given to me, so you never have to wonder. I occasionally use affiliate links, which are independently motivated and not driven by the brand or company I'm linking to. If you see something you like and click on my link to buy it, you are helping me keep this blog afloat. Not all of my links are affiliate links - only some. You can tell it's an affiliate link if it starts with a unique URL and then redirects you to the merchant.

What font did you use for your header? It's called Buttermilk and it was designed by Jessica Hische. You can buy it here.

If you have any questions, the best way to contact me (and get a prompt response) is by twitter or on facebook. You can also email me, but I get a lot of emails and it might take me awhile to get back to you, depending on the day.