free people lace tunic keiko lynnfree people lace tunic keiko lynn 1 free people lace tunic keiko lynn 2 free people lace tunic keiko lynn 3Outfit Details:

Free People “Tell Tale” Lace Tunic  with shorts underneath (pssst…black is on sale plus extra 20% off ) – also called the “Secret Origins” lace tunic on the actual Free People site

Cambridge Satchel leather bag (c/o)

Rat’s nest hair, courtesy of the wind and inability to keep my hands out of it

Miu Miu round sunglasses

Flogg platforms 

I’m not an impulse shopper, except when it comes to really weird things. For instance, there was a brief period of time when my insomnia was even more out of control than usual, and I may have bought Bump-Its and a Shake Weight. I wish I were making that up; I’m so ashamed. In my right mind, however, I’m usually pretty choosy about my clothing and accessory purchases — particularly when shopping online. I often stalk them until they go on sale, which can mean missing out completely, if they sell out. This has happened pretty often. Now, if I really love something and keep stalking it all over the internet, I might give in when I see the stock getting low (case in point: my recent Dita “Hurricane” sunglasses purchase – a MAJOR splurge for me). In this case, I had this Free People “Tell Tale” Lace Tunic on my wishlist and in my virtual cart for months. The silhouettes I gravitate toward are pretty forgiving when it comes to sizing, which is helpful when shopping online. But with fitted long sleeves, it gets a little more difficult – I have larger arms and often run into issues with them being too tight. Luckily, I found this tunic in Lord & Taylor and got to actually try it on! Needless to say, it came home with me. Actually, I put it on hold so that I could get the discount during their friends and family sale (which started the following day), but that’s pretty much the same thing, right?

alice mccall sweater keiko lynnalice mccall scissors heart of glass jumper keiko lynn 3alice mccall scissors heart of glass jumper keiko lynn 2alice mccall scissors heart of glass jumper keiko lynn 1alice mccall sweater keiko lynn 6alice mccall scissors heart of glass jumper keiko lynnalice mccall scissors heart of glass jumper keiko lynn 4alice mccall sweater keiko lynn 5Outfit Details:

Alice McCall “Heart Of Glass” Jumper

Kate Spade “Fancy Meeting You” Sun Hat

Rachel Zoe “Soleil” Over-The-Knee Open Toe Boots (c/o Lord and Taylor)

H&M heart crossbody bag

floral umbrella from a flea market vendor


A good umbrella can make a rainy day a whole lot better. I’ve had enough bargain bodega umbrellas turn inside out or fall apart when I needed them most, so I’ve given up on them. I’ve taken to collecting sturdier (and prettier!) umbrellas I can rely on, but better doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be expensive. This one was under $20, and it’s my absolute favorite. Luckily, I had it in my trunk on this particular day; it perfectly matched my new Alice McCall sweater dress. See? Rainy days aren’t so bad.

how to fake fuller lips tutorial resized

Products used:

MAC Prep + Prime Lip

Urban Decay “Jilted” Lip Pencil

Marc Jacobs Beauty “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Le Marc Lip Creme

Marc Jacobs Beauty “Volver” Twinkle Pop Eye Stick

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your lips look fuller, this is the tutorial for you! It’s as simple as adding a little bit of shimmer to create some dimension in your lip color, so please put down that weird suction cup thingy and follow the steps, below:

  1. Prep your lips with primer, extending beyond your natural lip line. This will keep it from feathering.
  2. Line your lips with the liner of your choice (I actually ran out of my go-t0 for this lip color, so it made my lipstick a little more of a berry than a rose), and blend it inward so there isn’t a harsh line.
  3. Fill with lipstick, fine tuning with a lip brush. You can also clean up the edges with some concealer and a brush, if necessary.
  4. Dab some shimmery powder (or in this case, I used a shadow stick) in the center of your lips and on your cupid’s bow, to add dimension. Pat it with your finger to blend it in.  That’s it!