Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tokyo Diaries: Part Three

I stopped in Sanrio while passing through Harajuku, and bought these amazing unicorn slippers.

We had chicken nanban and oyakodon for lunch at Hashidaya in Shibuya. Coincidentally, we later ended up going to their Nakameguro location for Shabu-Shabu, with Eri and Rui. Totally different but equally delicious meals!

Mercer Brunch in Roppongi. Everything comes with a side of the most delicious french toast - even my veggie filled salad! One thing I learned is that Tokyo makes the BEST french toast. Who knew?

Shibuya crossing...I had a mild panic attack, after spending a little time in this area. I know that sounds so silly, being that I live in NYC, but I live in Brooklyn for that very reason. I also avoid Times Square for the same reason...I get a bad case of anxiety. But this was more about the fact that I was feeling claustrophobic and wearing an oppressive sweater during a heat wave. It was cold, when I left our hotel! I ended up buying the dress (above) and changing, because I felt like I was dying a slow, sweatery death.

But on our way out, we ran across a Where's Waldo? flash mob, so that was the best thing, ever. We later ran into them in Harajuku, and they all yelled, "Keiko-san!" Good memories, those Waldos.

The Hello Kitty is for my niece, but the onesie is all mine. If I could live in them, I would!

Outfit Details:
Zara striped knit dress
Vivetta hands collar
Seychelles flats (old)
ModCloth "Lovely and Lush" cat bag

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gemvara Color Muse

Over the summer, I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Gemvara on their Color Muse series. I spent the day showing them around my apartment, neighborhood, and studio. And of course, trying on and falling in love with beautiful jewelry by Gemvara, a bespoke fine jewelry company that's located and produced right here in New York! All of their jewelry is designed on their website with their customization tool, made to order and shipped directly to the customer in under two weeks. They have no pre-existing inventory, so everything is absolutely one of a kind; there are countless styles, 20 gemstones, and 9 precious metals to choose from. It’s so special to have a unique piece of jewelry that was not only completely customized to my liking, but also made right near my home. I'm always mixing metals and stacking rings, so I designed myself this triple ring with both gold and silver, and black onyx. I'll be sharing more from our shoot, soon, but in the meantime - check out my color story to get a peek into my world and see what inspires me!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tokyo Diaries: Part Two, Tokyo Disneyland

Wearing: Disney bow and sunglasses, vintage blouse, American Apparel skirt, Seychelles flats (old), ModCloth "Lovely and Lush" cat bag.

If you had any doubt that I would visit Disneyland in Tokyo, please allow me to put that to rest. I'm not the type of girl who wants to get married in the castle and make my bridesmaids dress as Disney princesses - though I will totally come to your wedding and dress as Snow White at your request - but I do love a day at Disney, and luckily, so does Bobby. Many of you have even asked me if I live in Disney World, and the answer is yes/duh/obviously. I live in Minnie Mouse's house (look how I'm right at home in her humble abode), which is quite a problem at Magic Kingdom, since they got rid of her house and the rest of Toon Town. Luckily, it's still intact and lovely as ever in Tokyo, and freshly decorated for Halloween. If the whole famous mouse character/fashion plate thing doesn't work out for Minnie, she certainly has a future in interior decorating. Oh, Minnie, is there anything you can't do?

The best part of visiting Tokyo Disneyland was the Haunted Mansion, which was decked out to the theme of The Nightmare Before Christmas for the holiday season, and a close second was the myriad popcorn flavors and equally varied and adorable containers. I spent half the day hunting down the red bow to match my outfit, because I'm a logical adult who makes important and adult-like decisions. Actually, I take everything back: the best part of Tokyo Disney is that everyone gets dressed up in a theme for the occasion, and many of them go all out. As you can tell by my not-so-understated ensemble, I totally appreciate that commitment. Tokyo Disneyland, you just get me!