amanda wachob yellow roses tattoo keiko lynn
If you follow me on instagram, you have probably already seen this: my newest tattoo! These yellow roses are a work in progress, but I’m already in love. I’ll share it once it’s finished – and hopefully take better photos, since these both caught a glare and were out of focus (hence the shoddy sharpening…sorry!), but I couldn’t wait to share some progress. Plus, a lot of you have been asking for closer pictures. It’s by Amanda Wachob, the same artist who did my forearm. If it were up to me, I would be covered in her flowers. I love her work!

old no 77 hotel and chandlery new orleans
old no 77 hotel and chandlery new orleans 1 old no 77 hotel and chandlery new orleans 2 old no 77 hotel and chandlery new orleans 3 old no 77 hotel and chandlery new orleans 4

In the lobby, a nod to the hotel's history.

In the lobby, a nod to the hotel’s history.

Coffee bar in the lobby

Tout La, coffee and pastry bar in the lobby

During our recent (and very last minute) trip to New Orleans, Kim and I stayed at The Old No 77 Hotel & Chandlery, a new boutique hotel that was recommended by our friend and NOLA resident, Lauren. The renovated, historic building dates back to 1854, and was originally a warehouse turned chandlery – hence the name. They did a great job of paying homage to its past while giving it a modern, industrial feel. During our stay, they had the grand opening of their restaurant, Compère Lapin, but since we were coming in from dinner, we just had dessert (banana zeppole, delicious). If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans, I highly recommend checking it out!

mac the matte lip collection summer 2015
When it comes to makeup, there are few things I love more than matte lipstick. That’s why I was so excited about MAC’s The Matte Lip Collection for Summer 2015 (currently available). It’s a combination of old shades and completely new ones, but the very best part is that it’s a permanent collection…so you don’t have to worry about falling in love with one and then never being able to get your hands on it, again. Curse you, limited editions! I swatched eight different lipstick shades from the new collection (there are 22, total), which was just about all my lips could handle in one day. Check them out, below!

mac cosmetics all fired up lipstick
MAC “All Fired Up” Retro Matte lipstick: This was one of the few that I already had in my collection. Though I love the color, I honestly don’t reach for this as much as my other reds (although this is more of a fuchsia/pink red); because it’s a true matte (they call it “retro matte”), it’s a little on the drier side. But it stays on really well. I shouldn’t have used a warm red lipliner with this, but I was in a pinch and it’s all I had on me! Use the center of the lip as a better indicator of the color.
mac cosmetics whirl lipstick
MAC “Whirl” Matte Lipstick: One thing you’ll notice from these swatches is that some of the shades look less matte than others – this is a combination of my ring light and not blotting, but it should also be noted that if you want a super matte shade, look for “Retro Matte” on the tube. This dusty rose lipstick is my favorite of all the new shades. It’s a great everyday color and would pair well with a smokey eye.
mac cosmetics pink pigeon lipstick
MAC “Pink Pigeon” matte lipstick: Another one of my mainstays, this is the perfect bright pink. It’s not as neon or cool-based as “Candy Yum-Yum” or Melt’s “Stupid Love,” so I usually reach for this when I want something bright but not too intense.
mac cosmetics persistence lipstick
MAC “Persistence” matte lipstick: Described as a peachy cinnamon, I immediately think of the ubiquitous “tawny” shade that graced all of the 90s beauty counters. Oh, how I envied my sister’s first tawny lipstick! My great-grandpa once pumped the brakes (on purpose) while she was applying it, smudging it all over her face. I thought that was hilarious, but she was not as amused. I’m getting off track. The dream of the 90s is alive in MAC lipsticks, and I’m into it.
mac cosmetics men love mystery lipstick
MAC “Men Love Mystery” matte lipstick: I haven’t done a side by side, but this shade seems pretty close to “Up The Amp” but with a matte finish (Up The Amp is an amplified finish), maybe a little softer. I happen to love “Up The Amp” but prefer matte finishes, so hooray for this one!
mac cosmetics matte royal lipstick
MAC “Matte Royal” matte lipstick: I would love to be that girl who can totally pull of blue lipstick, but I don’t think I am. That being said, my best friend’s blue lipstick caught the eye of the boy who would become her high school boyfriend, so there is power in a sapphire pout, my friends. This shade requires a little more finesse and fine tuning than the others, and it has slightly uneven coverage.


mac cosmetics d is for danger lipstick
MAC “D is for Danger” matte lipstick: Brick red with a killer name. Honestly, the name alone makes me want to wear this at all times.


mac cosmetics antique velvet lipstick
MAC “Antique Velvet” matte lipstick: Another 90s dream, this “intense brown” shade is surprisingly a color that seems to be missing from my collection. I have lots of vampy reds and plums, but this is more of a chocolatey hue. In short, I love it.


Do you have a favorite? Are there any you want to purchase for yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts!