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Ray-Bans – c/o Sunglass Hut
vintage Levis cutoffs
Léon “About A Girl” shirt
vintage headscarf

I teamed up with Sunglass Hut to bring you this outfit post, featuring these leather Ray-Bans, in celebration of their “Punk It Up” campaign with Georgia May Jagger. I may not belong to the punk subculture (though my teenage self would’ve begged to differ), but the music, politics, and style were something that always resonated with me – especially during my formative years. Growing up is a strange and difficult feat in itself; it’s tempting to just do your best to fit in, wear the same clothes as everyone else, show interest in the same things, and acclimate to your environment. I did none of those things, because fitting in never came easily to me. It wasn’t even an act of rebellion; it’s just that I had a difficult time feigning interest in anything that felt out of sorts for me, no matter what was deemed popular. Being a studious bookworm and musical theatre nerd, whose re-worked thrift store clothing was held together by hand-stitches and safety pins, meant that I never had any dates while I was in high school…but it also helped me separate from the masses, learn more about myself, and form my own opinions. I eventually went to shows alone, where I met people from other schools who had the same interests, and fell into that subculture, but all of that dissipates when everyone grows up and moves away. At first, I missed that sense of belonging, but I started meeting people with whom I had very little in common – except for our mutual enjoyment of one another’s company – and eventually realized that fitting in is irrelevant. It’s the variety that makes life interesting. It would be easy for me to dress a certain way, to adhere to the hottest trends, to take harsh criticism to heart and change my entire style. But it’s even easier to just say “To hell with it, I’m gonna be me.”

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Outfit Details:

LOFT colorblock Poncho Sweater (40% off)

LOFT Tweed Flippy Skirt

LOFT x Saturn Sisters Virgo horoscope tote (all LOFT is c/o)

Swedish Hasbeens

I partnered with LOFT to style this LOFT x Saturn Sisters Virgo horoscope tote  during the most fitting time of all: my birth month! Not only am I a Virgo – I might be the epitome of one (if you don’t count organization; I’m a mess)…just ask any of my friends. My chart is spot on. Do you relate to your sign as much as I do? If you want to find out, just check your daily and monthly Horoscope on the site!

keiko lynn dome in the desert

(Photo by Allister Ann, taken at our “Dome In The Desert” Airbnb.)

I just got back from Los Angeles, and I’m about to get back on a plane to Boston. Less than 24 hours at home…I’m a little exhausted, and should probably get some sleep before I head out, but instead I am watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and leaving you with some links worth clicking on. Priorities, you know?

  • And finally, my dear friend Erin captured this beautiful moment between her grandparents on video. You’ve probably seen it (it has over 5 million views!) but it’s worth a watch, and a re-watch. When she sent it to me, I was sobbing. So make sure you’re in the mood for a good cry!