Monday, September 29, 2014

Invisalign Treatment Update

It’s time for another Invisalign® clear aligners treatment update! I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. For those of you who missed my last posts (read those posts here), I'm currently receiving complimentary Invisalign treatment in exchange for sharing my experience, once a month.

 This was my first checkup since getting the attachments (click the photos for full size, so you can get a better idea of what those look like), and I am happy to report that Dr. Zhu says I’m right on track! It might not look like much, yet - my front teeth are still pretty crooked (though less so) - but the biggest difference is how it feels. My bite is more comfortable and my back teeth have been pulled outward, creating more space for my tongue to comfortably sit without me biting the edges. I forgot what it’s like to not have a tongue that’s constantly numb on the sides! Dr. Zhu explained that my upcoming aligners are going to start shifting the front teeth more noticeably, so I’m looking forward to seeing even more progress.

Fortunately, that’s really all I have to report, this time; I was in and out of the orthodontist’s office in less than twenty minutes. Just a quick check up and chat with Dr. Zhu to make sure the treatment was going well, my new sets of Invisalign clear aligners, and I was on my way. Here’s hoping that the rest of the treatment is just as easy!

p.s. If you are interested in Invisalign® treatment, you can request more info, here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Boots

Outfit Details:

BDG polka dot shirt
Forever 21 suspender skirt (last seen here)
vintage Coach bag
Karen Walker “anytime” sunglasses
Ariat "Gold Coast" boots (c/o Ariat)
Goorin Bros hat

Fall is officially here, but the last weeks of Summer were a nice little preview. While I’ve grown to love Summer, I was happy to unpack my tights, sweaters, and ever-growing collection of boots. Fall is my favorite time for dressing; I’m happiest in layers. I recently got these bordeaux Ariat boots with the perfect heel height and width - something I often struggle with - and took them out for the first time. I’m always careful to bring extra shoes when I’m breaking in the new ones, but these were comfortable from the get-go and I wore them all day. I also went out and bought a lip color to match the boots, because I get way more excited about vampy lips than pumpkin spiced latt├ęs. Pumpkin pie and hot apple cider, on the other hand…give it all to me. What makes you excited for Fall?

p.s. I'm currently in Tokyo - follow my travels on instagram!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorial with Canon PIXMA

Despite my life practically being centered around technology and brightly lit screens, I have an undying love for tangible pages, whether in a book, a magazine, or on an inspiration board. Pinterest is a great source for gathering inspiration, but there’s nothing like having it all displayed right in front of me, literally pinned up on the wall. I’ve always loved seeing mood boards at shoots and showrooms, and began borrowing that practice for my Makeup Mondays. Now that Helena and I have a shared studio, we have our computer set up with our Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer (which was generously given to us), which she uses to print her fashion inspiration, and I generally dedicate to beauty. I use it with both my laptop and my phone, with the PIXMA Cloud App, to wirelessly print from my social media platforms and inspiration folders. While I think my next project will be making a gallery wall of Miku’s photos, this time, I made a mood board for today’s tutorial!

I originally set out to create a 60s Mod mood board, with images of Twiggy and Peggy Moffatt dominating my inspiration folders. But after my recent change of hair color, I found myself drawn to shades of blue and turquoise, and decided to create a tutorial for a look inspired by these images:

Want to recreate this look? Follow the steps, below!

1. Start with freshly primed eyes.

2. Apply bright blue liner all over your lids and lower lash line. This will make your shadow really pop!

3. Wet your shadow brush. I like to spritz it with Fix+, but plain water will do.

4. Using your dampened brush, apply bright turquoise shadow everywhere the liner is.

5. Pack bright blue shadow in the crease.

6. Using a dry brush, sweep green shadow above the crease.

7. Blend the three colors into a seamless transition, concentrating on diffusing the edges.

8. Pack black shadow into the outer edges of your upper lid.

9. Blend, blend, blend.

10. Line your lower lash line with navy pencil.

11. Line your upper lash line with navy liquid liner.

12. Add mascara, and you’re done!

Thank you, Canon PIXMA, for partnering with me on today’s makeup tutorial! To learn more about the Canon PIXMA MG7120 and the PIXMA Cloud App visit Canon on Facebook and Twitter.

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