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Outfit Details: Kate Spade New York Woodland Check Coat, bow blouse, and Cedar Street Harmony Crossbody in “Cherry Liqueur” (c/o Kate Spade), VC signature shoes, vintage skirt, Bobby’s beanie.


I teamed up with Kate Spade New York to style some of my favorite pieces from their Fall 2015 collection, just in time for the changing of the seasons! I’ve had my eye on this coat since I photographed it at their show, back in February. It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I chose it, since red and black are an ever present color pairing in my wardrobe. The silk bow blouse was a no brainer, since I’m in dire need of solid basics – plus, the removable bow makes it more fun than a plain button up. Last, but certainly not least, I can’t resist a red (or reddish) crossbody bag. I treat red as a neutral: it goes with almost everything I wear! Of course, I also had to have this adorable fox clutch, which is the exact opposite of a solid basic or neutral…but I’ve still managed to wear it over and over. That’s all that matters, if you ask me. Shop more of my favorites from Kate Spade, below!

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makeup product details


Complete Product Details:

Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer (after moisturizer, before foundation)

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in “Vanilla” (applied with a damp beautyblender)

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in “Everlasting Honey” (cheeks and lips)

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow in “Rio De Rose Gold” (eyes)

Anastasia Bevery Hills Brow Wiz in “Dark Brown”  (brows)

Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Liner in “3D Sparks” (eyes)

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (lashes)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in “Le Charm” (nails)


I’ve never been one to stock my beauty cabinet with organic, all natural products (like that even needs to be said), so I’ll readily admit that I barely gave Josie Maran more than a once over, until recently. I’m not one for the all natural, no-makeup look, which is what most of the line felt geared toward, so I skipped it in favor of the more pigmented showstoppers in other displays. Also, am I the only one whose skin reacts badly to a lot of natural ingredients? My skin loves chemicals, hates a lot of natural fragrances and certain oils.

It was the shimmery little liquid eyeshadow in “Rio De Rose Gold” that first caught my eye. I have a thing for both rose and rose gold; they are my favorite shades to wear on my eyes, cheeks, and lips. With just a shake (to mix the solution) and a swipe of the applicator, it’s a no-fuss way to a modern metallic eye. Just make sure not to open to your eyes until it’s completely dry, or else it will crease. You can pat it on with your finger, for a sheer wash, or leave it saturated for a little more impact. I like to apply directly and just pat the very edges, to blend it into my skin, then add just a little bit of liner and mascara to the top outer lash line and lashes. It comes in various colors, but I haven’t tried any of the other shades, yet. I’m curious to see how it translates with some of the darker shades.

After buying the eyeshadow, I am curious to try the rest of their products. They sent a handful of cosmetics to me, and here I’m wearing their Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil  in “Everlasting Honey” on both my cheeks and lips, with a dab of the “Rio De Rose Gold” in the middle of my lips. The creamy oil melts and blends right in for a natural looking glow, and made my lips feel soft and moisturized. It’s a tinted oil (although it was more pigmented than I expected), and it lasted a lot better on my cheeks than my lips. As long as it doesn’t make me break out (so far, so good) I can definitely see myself using this on my cheeks, more than anything, but I did like how it gave my otherwise pale lips a little extra color. The dab of shimmery rose gold matched my eyes and my nails. Forgive the slipshod manicure, but the Marc Jacobs Beauty “Le Charm” nail polish (a current fave) matched my eyes and lips so well, I had to document it!

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Ray-Bans – c/o Sunglass Hut
vintage Levis cutoffs
Léon “About A Girl” shirt
vintage headscarf

I teamed up with Sunglass Hut to bring you this outfit post, featuring these leather Ray-Bans, in celebration of their “Punk It Up” campaign with Georgia May Jagger. I may not belong to the punk subculture (though my teenage self would’ve begged to differ), but the music, politics, and style were something that always resonated with me – especially during my formative years. Growing up is a strange and difficult feat in itself; it’s tempting to just do your best to fit in, wear the same clothes as everyone else, show interest in the same things, and acclimate to your environment. I did none of those things, because fitting in never came easily to me. It wasn’t even an act of rebellion; it’s just that I had a difficult time feigning interest in anything that felt out of sorts for me, no matter what was deemed popular. Being a studious bookworm and musical theatre nerd, whose re-worked thrift store clothing was held together by hand-stitches and safety pins, meant that I never had any dates while I was in high school…but it also helped me separate from the masses, learn more about myself, and form my own opinions. I eventually went to shows alone, where I met people from other schools who had the same interests, and fell into that subculture, but all of that dissipates when everyone grows up and moves away. At first, I missed that sense of belonging, but I started meeting people with whom I had very little in common – except for our mutual enjoyment of one another’s company – and eventually realized that fitting in is irrelevant. It’s the variety that makes life interesting. It would be easy for me to dress a certain way, to adhere to the hottest trends, to take harsh criticism to heart and change my entire style. But it’s even easier to just say “To hell with it, I’m gonna be me.”