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family affairs best day dress keiko lynn

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Outfit Details:

Family Affairs “Best Day Dress (50% off today with code “midsummertreatkeiko“)

Betsey Johnson strawberry purse

Oasis sandals (on sale for $32) also available in leopard and black ($27)


I love Family Affairs (as seen here, here, here, here, here, here…you get the point. Lots more posts!), so I’m really excited to share with you a very special offer: this whimsical fruit print “Best Day” dress from her most recent collection is 50% off today with code midsummertreatkeiko. While you’re at it, take a look around the rest of her site, because some of my favorites from past collections (which are staples in my closet) are heavily discounted!

keiko lynn skincare routine

Prepare yourselves: it’s time for my long-awaited, daily skincare routine. You may be wondering why I haven’t posted about my skincare regimen in so long, since it’s one of my most requested posts. Here’s the reason: it changed about a million times, until I found what worked for me, longterm. You see, I used to have nearly perfect skin, and my biggest concern was merely keeping it that way. I settled into a lovely, lazy girl routine – one of those all inclusive skincare subscriptions that are tailored to your needs – and then they shut down the company (and kept charging my credit card, but that’s another story). On my quest for a new ritual, I started experimenting with all of the products that were sent my way…and it got a little out of control. I was a skincare hoarder and piler-on-er. Some things were great, some were lackluster, but my skin was still looking fine, for the most part. Then, about a year ago, my skin started looking not so hot. A cystic blemish would pop up here and there and seemingly never go away, my texture changed, and the slightest irritant would send my skin into a downward spiral of blotchy, bumpy disarray. My friends and family told me I was crazy, that my skin looked fine, but I wasn’t used to this new skin, and it felt awful, unhealthy, aggravated. I even photographed full makeup tutorials and then wouldn’t post them because the lighting amplified my skin’s minor issues. Forgiving lighting and a strategically placed hand became my best friends. It sounds SO silly, but it made me horribly self conscious. I made it all through my teens and most of my twenties without any skin problems, so dealing with it at nearly 30 came as a shock to me, no matter how minor it seemed to friends on the outside.

So, I did what any paranoid, desperate person would do: everything, all of it. I used all of the products and did all of the things. In my effort to fix it, I made it even more angry and irritated, and took okay skin and made it a mess. My skin just couldn’t take it anymore: all of the piled on products and poking and prodding were making it worse and worse. After one particularly horrible facial (not with my regular facialist, mind you), I came home in slight hysterics. My skin was bright red, bleeding, polka-dotted with irritated lumps from harsh extractions that I never really needed in the first place. That was my skin’s rock bottom. Here I was, almost 30, with the skin of a hormonal teenager. Not into it.

The second I got home from said facial/massacre, I desperately searched for a dermatologist who could help me fix what I broke. This was all done beneath my newly erected sheet fort, which I buried myself beneath while crying, “I’m never leaving my bed, ever again!” Poor Bobby. He has to deal with so much drama. Let’s also note that by “desperately searched for a dermatologist” I mean that I called the one who is literally across the street from me. Like I said, drama. I merely called one doctor, made an appointment for the very next day and then walked across the street, but it gives a better visual to imagine me tearing through the yellow pages and scouring the city for a doctor, you know what I mean? But the sheet fort was totally real; it was a low moment for me and I felt like living in a tent on my bed was the only appropriate solution.

Upon tearfully explaining my situation to the dermatologist, she reassured me that we could fix my skin in no time – and she was [thankfully] right. First things, first: I cut out my entire product cabinet, to eliminate anything that was contributing to the irritation. I had to pare things down and add things in over time, to figure out what does and does not work for my skin. Second: I got a mild chemical peel to help reverse the damage, repair the texture, and fade the scarring – and did a package of them (spaced out over time) for maximum results. I’m actually going to do a separate post about what other treatments I do for my skin, because it’s too much to go into in one post (it’s already a novel and I haven’t even gotten into it). It has been a good, long time of being back to clear, silky smooth skin, so I finally feel confident in sharing my current daily routine with you. Please keep in mind that I am absolutely not a skincare expert, and that what works for me might not work for you. But if you want to give my routine a shot, here it goes! Excuse the novel…this needed a backstory. Continue reading after the jump, for my morning and nightly skincare routines with descriptions:


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(photo from my instagram. BC x heart sneakers, Modcloth “All My Lovin'” heart top )