vivetta shirt dress hand collar keiko lynn
vivetta shirt dress hand collar keiko lynn 1vivetta shirt dress hand collar keiko lynn 3vivetta shirt dress hand collar keiko lynn 4vivetta shirt dress hand collar keiko lynn 5
vivetta shirt dress hand collar keiko lynn 2Outfit Details:

Vivetta Hand Collar Shirtdress

Charlotte Olympia “Hold Me Pandora” clutch

Seychelles heels (old)

Bonlook “Keiko” glasses in Roxy Noir

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in “Temper”

I’m not sure if I should admit this, since it was clearly a glitch, but I got this Vivetta hand collar shirtdress for 90% off the original price. Once the price went back to normal, I figured they would cancel my order or charge the full amount (either of which I would’ve accepted)…but I got very lucky and they honored my purchase at the sale price! I have a couple of Vivetta collars and I love them…they are some of my favorite accessories. Since there was a hand theme going on in the collar and cuffs, I paired it with my Charlotte Olympia “Hold Me Pandora” clutch, which I picked up at their sample sale, and an old pair of winky faced Seychelles heels. Oh, and those of you who have been waiting for the Keiko x Bonlook glasses, they’re finally back in stock!

brooke candy mac which witch lipstick swatch
MAC x Brooke Candy “Which Witch” lipstick (amplified, deep plum)

brooke candy mac mind control lipstick swatch 1
MAC x Brooke Candy “Mind Control” lipstick (amplified, bright cherry red)

brooke candy mac collectionMAC Brooke Candy “Which Witch” lipstick (amplified, deep plum), MAC Brooke Candy “Mind Control” lipstick (amplified, bright cherry red), MAC Brooke “Boot Black” Liquid Eye Liner (repromote, limited edition packaging). Products and product image c/o MAC.


At the risk of sounding very old and out of touch (I am at least one of those), I honestly had no idea who Brooke Candy is. But she has a mini-collection with MAC, so…lipstick! Since I was at the studio and shooting a tutorial, I decided to do some quick lip swatches of the MAC Brooke Candy collection “Which Witch” and “Mind Control” lipsticks that I just received (available August 27th in North America, October 15 international). I’m also wearing “Boot Black” liquid liner, but this is the same liquid liner they currently offer, only in a limited edition box. You all know that I usually go for matte lipsticks, but their “amplified” finish is my second favorite of their formulas. They’re highly pigmented and more moisturizing, and have a nice sheen without added glitter or frost.

Both of the lipsticks in this collection have the same amplified finish, with gorgeous color payoff. I was very pleased with the opacity of “Which Witch,” a deep plum with a little sheen, which makes it seem a little less stark and a little more approachable, in my opinion. Dark lipsticks can be tricky, and sometimes patchy or streaky – even some of my favorites require a little fine tuning to keep them from looking splotchy. I applied two swipes of this (blotted the first and reapplied a second) lipstick with no liner or primer, and it had great coverage on its own. I probably won’t be wearing it as often as aforementioned difficult but pretty dark lipsticks, since I’m having a pretty diehard matte moment (aka most of my adult life), but it’s a gorgeous, vampy shade that’s worth checking out if you’re into having a little sheen. “Mind Control” is a classic, bright cherry red – very pigmented and silky smooth. It’s a lovely red, so there’s probably not much to say about it other than if you’re looking for a highly pigmented, creamy red, you can’t go wrong.

I did read, when I Asked Jeeves, “Who is Brooke Candy?” (jk I totally Googled it), that she will have a bigger collection with them in the future, so I’m curious to see what else they’ll be releasing. Because lipstick, you know?

fantastic donuts and flynn donut makeup zip pouch
fantastic donuts and flynn donut makeup zip pouch 1

I shot not one but two Makeup Mondays, this past week, and a long overdue tutorial on how I photograph my makeup and self portraits. I was all set to post my Makeup Monday when I realized that the products I photographed and edited can’t be shared until Wednesday (they’re a preview), and it’s too goddang late to edit the other tutorial in time for Monday. So, please come back on Wednesday for the makeup. There’s no alliteration, but the content will be the same.

I didn’t want to leave you all without a post, so here are the cutest donuts in the world (from Fantastic Donuts in LA), and the cutest donut printed makeup bag in the world, by Flynn. A match made in heaven, if I ever did see one. Kim and I went with the intentions of sampling just a few donuts – we made a trip to Donut Friend just the day before – but somehow I ended up saying, “One of each, please.” Kim laughed at me, but didn’t protest. And the joke’s on her, because I left those suckers at her apartment…well, what was left of them. It’s probably a good thing that we don’t live in the same city/state/coast because we just end up eating treats and watching drag queens on tv and youtube, all night. We could spiral. I can see it happening.

In terms of actual taste, Donut Friend wins (and I love the names of their donuts). These were still good, but if I’m being honest, they could’ve tasted like literal garbage and I still would’ve wanted to buy them. It doesn’t hurt that they’re all between $1.35 and $1.85. They were the cutest donuts I’ve seen since I was in Tokyo, which made me wonder…why aren’t more donuts as cute as these? And more importantly, can they make a Miku donut for me?